Holiday Gift Guide: THE BEAUTY LOVER

  This might be my favorite gift guide so far! I had so much fun putting together my absolute favorite beauty products! I currently use and have used almost all of them, and the others have awesome reviews so you know I had to share with you girls. I find myself Christmas shopping with the mantra, "One for you, one for me!" Anyone else? eek!


1. Caudalie Beauty Elixir - Okay girls, this was one of the first things I became obsessed with about 10 years ago when I worked for Sephora. Any cast members in the house?! It refreshes your face without ruining your makeup, or feels so amazing after cleansing.

2. Urban Decay Naked Palette - Urban Decay comes out with new palettes every year, but my favorite and everyday eyeshadows are from the original! 

3. Plush Robe - This has "YAS!" written all over it. I am obsessed with fuzzy and plush robes. There is no better feeling than getting out of the shower and putting on your favorite robe!

4. Blush - I have tried approx a hundred, million different blushes (yep, that many!) and I always come back around to Nars. They're pigmented, they don't oxidize on oily skin AND they seem to last all day for me. Win, win, win!

5. Nourish Daily Moisturizer - If you were to only get ONE thing for yourself or your favorite beauty girl, THIS is what you want. I can't rave about it enough. It literally transforms your skin AND I'm prone to breakouts and never had any. Definitely A++ in my book!

6. Heatable Slippers - Don't laugh, these are AMAZE! The worst thing during the winter is to be all cuddled up and then it's ruined with cold feet. You pop these cute little slippers in the microwave and then slip your feet in these toasty bad boys. Thank me later!

7. Clarisonic - So, with all of this amazing skin care, you need something to cleanse with. I have been using a Clarisonic for years now, and I don't think I could ever go back to the ol' washcloth method.

8. Hydra- Gel Eye Patch - P.T.R is the man when it comes to what women want. I think the day I woke up on my 29th birthday, suddenly I was having to worry about crows feet, puffy eyes and dark circles. And not because I had a wild night before, but because I JUST WAS! These eye patches are super easy to wear and perfect for when you're doing your hair (before makeup, obvs) or just laying around. There's 30 in a jar, so plenty to go around!

9. Glam Glow - I live for this stuff! Glam Glow is my favorite go to mask. I always feel super fresh for days after I use it!


Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HIM!

  Sometimes asking your man or a man what they want for Christmas is almost as difficult as asking them what they want for dinner. Am I right, or Am I right? So with the help of my husband (thanks babe!) I have compiled a list of things that are fool proof and will definitely leave you feeling confident in the gift department! 

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1. Nixon Watch - There is nothing sexier or more stylish to me than a man who wears accessories. Especially a watch. It just shows they take an extra moment to add that statement piece. I'm loving this matte black Nixon watch that can definitely be dressed up or down.

2. Beefy Jerky - We all know the way to a man's heart. This variety pack of beef jerky is perfect for a stocking or to bust out on the road trip to grandmas house for the holidays. 

3. Cologne - Okay so my real weakness is a man that smells good. Like, real good. And this Sauvage by Dior is woodsy, a little warm and spicy. Perfect man combo.

4. Boots - Every man needs a good pair of shoes or boots. These are super versatile and once again, you can dress them up or down with jeans. 

5. Zip Up Hoodie - When I asked my husband what type of jacket he prefers, without hesitation he said, "Hoodie all the way". So, here we are. If your man is always on the go like mine, he'll love it!

6. Backpack - This isn't just any backpack it's definitely a dude's kinda backpack. It has tons if little pockets, storage and buckles. It's also made out of a super durable fiber material. Camping anyone?

7. Foam Roller - Anyone who hasn't used a foam roller is seriously missing out. If your man works out, has a labor intense job or even just sits all day, this roller will work all the kinks out. My husband swears by it and uses his every day!

8. Bose Speaker - Because every guy loves to rock out. Best bluetooth speaker I've encountered that is this size. He'll love it!

9. Leatherman multi-tool - It might be last on the list but certainly not least. You can do just about anything with this bad boy. Built in, it has wire cutters, knife, pliers, file and the list goes on and on! 

Holiday Gift Guide: FOR HER!

   It's FINALLY here! That time of year when you don't have to explain your excess shopping. Can I get an "AMEN" ladies? If you're anything like me, you love to shop and you love neutral anything. I have compiled a list of all the pretty goodness I love and have, plus what's on my wish list. Don't worry, I have everyone covered! Gift Guide for Hostesses and Gentlemen are coming soon!

But today, it's all about us!

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Gift Guide for Her.jpg

1. Agapé Candles - Now, clearly this is number one! If you are new to my blog, I am the Creator and Owner of Agapé Candles. They are soy wax, all natural with no additives or dyes to any of the candles. Add a sweet little note to go with, and they make the best hostess gifts!

2. Quay Australia High Key - THESE ARE A MUST! They come in all different colors, and I own 3. They're oversized aviators that are perfect for after a night out or just running errands. Love the rose gold reflective mirror, so chic!

3. Faux Fur Pom Pom Throw - Now this is essential for anyone. It's faux fur (yay! we love all the animals!) AND it has pompoms! 2 for 2 if you ask me.

4. Marble Column Table Lamp - This is a no brainer. I definitely put this on my own wish list. It's a little splurge but how fantastic would this be in an office or on a bedside table? 

5. Gold Lock Shoulder Bag - A purse that can fit my whole life and then some is a go to. I'm loving this dupe for the Hermes Kelly bag, plus it comes in tons of different colors!

6. UGG Slippers - Once again, pompoms are rocking my world! Love these UGG Shearling Slippers. I need them in every color!

7. Air Mist Diffuser - I am a sucker for anything white and now essential oils. I love that this one also has a timer so you can set it and forget it (name that infomercial!).

8. Elizabeth and James, Nirvana White - YOU GUYS! This is my jam, I love this perfume and the packaging is perfection! I'm a total nose when it comes to fragrance and this is a warm floral scent which is a favorite combo of mine. MK and Ash got this one right!

9. Marble Swell Tumbler - Need I say more?! Give me all the marble things. 


   I'll be rolling out a few more gift guides soon! Can't wait to share

xo, RR

A Seagrass Serenade

Can you even believe Summer is almost over, say what?! One of my favorite textures to incorporate throughout the year, or at least 3 out of 4  seasons, is seagrass! It has carried me through spring with outdoor chargers, and now Summer with baskets that held all of my favorite plants indoors to escape the heat. Now, Fall is around the corner and I can't wait to incorporate its through out my decor. Not to mention, If I had an extra room I would totally make it into a Hampton's style retreat with a seagrass headboard. What's not to love? I'm keeping this one short and sweet, here are some of my go-to's for a subtle incorporation!


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